Posted by: mcwhclan | March 8, 2011

Day Eight


Another mobile post.  Another rushed morning. But I am sticking to my plan.  The first jewelry that I made was similar to this piece, with thin wire and beads.  Sometimes they have 4 or 5 strands of wire, but this one only has two.  Although these are really easy to make, they often get lots of compliments.

In other good news, a chinook is finally hitting Calgary today.  Spring is in the air, and I am starting to think of farmer’s markets already!

Posted by: mcwhclan | March 7, 2011

Day Seven


I made it one week!  It has actually been harder than I thought to sit down and be disciplined about making something each day, and then photographing it, and then getting it posted.  In fact, today’s post is brought to you courtesy of my cell phone.  A little mobile publishing for ya!

Also, you can enjoy my awful counter tops!  Mmm, purple and brown…

Posted by: mcwhclan | March 6, 2011

Day Six

Happy Sunday everyone!  I liked chain I made earlier this weekend, and followed it up with another one.  Confession: I hate pink and have to remind myself that other people like it.

Posted by: mcwhclan | March 5, 2011

Day Five

I love these square shell beads almost as much as I love the weekend.  Enjoy your Saturday!


Posted by: mcwhclan | March 4, 2011

Day Four

Friday!  And another necklace!  This one uses one of the shells that I brought back from Hawaii when my husband and I went on our first holiday.  I love the uniqueness of the sliced shells!


My cat was ever so helpful when I was trying to take pictures!


Posted by: mcwhclan | March 3, 2011

Day Three

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today’s necklace is something different compared to the other pieces I have made.  This is a longer necklace with metal chain and glass beads.  I think it would look great with a crisp white blouse!

See you tomorrow!

Posted by: mcwhclan | March 2, 2011

Day two

So far so good.  I have made it to day number two! I love today’s piece.  Might just keep it for me!  My mom and I went to Spokane in November, and while there I found lime green wire.  If you know me, then you also know that lime green is just about my favourite thing ever.  This necklace is made with black glass, green crystal, and black and while jasper stones.  I am proud of it!

Posted by: mcwhclan | March 1, 2011

One a day

I have sorely neglected this blog.  I did add new things to my art fire site regularly, but have not written a post here in ages.  But that is all changing!  This March I will share one new thing that I created each day.  It is part of the day zero project goals that I set for myself last spring.  Check back each day for my new thing, and check out my art fire site for all my work!

My first piece is made with glass and stone beads, and features a metal pendant.  I love the red, white and black colour combination in it!

See you tomorrow!

Posted by: mcwhclan | July 28, 2010

Finally, an update.

After a long hiatus, I have finally created some new things.  The last few outings to the Farmer’s market have been productive, as well as having sold more items off my artfire website.  I am hoping that after next week, I will finally have some free time to sit down and make things in the evenings.  So far this summer as been super busy!  Stay tuned for more new things soon, I hope!

Ps: if you are on facebook you can “like” me!  Just find Erin’s Embellishments’ page!

Posted by: mcwhclan | June 16, 2010

For a friend.

I just finished my second customer order, the first being the jewelry for my friend’s wedding in April.  A former co-worker of mine asked me to make her a couple of pieces after she saw pictures from our set-up at the market in Cochrane.  So I was more than happy to this for her.

I am off to Cochrane again this weekend, for the last time until August.  This time, I am flying solo, as Lindsey is busy.  I think my mom is going to come and hang out with me.  Come and visit if you have a chance!

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